Surrender at its Finest

Humble yourself before the Lord, and He will exalt you.

1 Peter 5:6-10

The sign for surrender is a white flag. The person or people holding the flag represents that they give in or give up. Sometimes surrender can be to the enemy and sometimes surrender can be for peace.

There is a part of my story I would like to share, and its a moment I have to look back on and dwell upon. It was a moment when I had this unreal out of body experience, and could see myself fully surrender to the will of God. I raised my white flag and waved it as high as I could and I willingly surrendered.

I can remember exactly where I was when I raised my flag of surrender. It was a hot August day in Arkansas, and I had just been told my precious husband was gone from this world. My precious brother was the bearer of bad news and he was just as shocked and devastated as I was. He told me later that when he told me, he thought I had died of shock because I literally fell in his arms limp. As people arrived at my house, the reality of what happened hit me and I knew that my life had forever changed.

I remember thinking about God and his promises for his children. I recalled so many in our community that had faced death head on and barely made it out of the journey alive. ¬†While standing in my front yard, I hit my knees, threw my hands and arms in the air, and yelled so loud to God, “I can’t do this without you, take this from me, I give it to you.” I remember feeling helpless, but also I remember feeling a overwhelming peace. I knew that this day and my life had to be fully surrendered to God and his plan. If I didn’t surrender, I would die in my grief.

As the days of my new life came, things happened that I knew that were only from God. People poured love, our community was so supportive and my family was my rock. It seemed that things were taken care of, my burdens were lifted and God was there giving peace that I had never felt before. This was and will be the sweetest time I had, as of right now, with the Lord. I was totally His and surrendered to His will.

I can say the road has not been easy, and yes grief was still there everyday, but God sustained me and kept me from walking down a road I knew could possibly destroy my life and my future.

Three years has gone by and I feel that surrender has been the only thing that has saved me. It has changed me, and it has made me see that nothing I did or do will work without Jesus. Everything that has happened to me went through His hands, and He knew that I would either run or surrender. I had to pick. Surrendering is not easy. It takes courage and a lack of pride. But when we surrender everything, we gain everything and everyone that God has for us.

I love bible stories that show the great faith of man. The great faith that man had in God. God always came through and never wavered on his promises. Those in the Bible that surrendered their life got to experience the power and great peace of God. God showed himself in a mighty way, and the lives that were touched showed that God was fully in control and is able to handle whatever came His way.

So, is it time for you to surrender something? Is it time for you to fall on your knees and hold up your white flag? I promise when you do, it will all be worth the cost.

Love y’all,




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