5 reasons I love living in Arkansas

To be such a beautiful state, Arkansas gets such a bad wrap. I think Arkansas is so misunderstood. So I would like to clear up some misconceptions about it!

First of all, we do not marry our cousins, we do wear shoes (I own lots of them) and Yes, Arkansas is included in the 50 states. Yes, there are things I would love to change about it, but I think it’s the best place in the south to live.

I would like to share 5 reasons I love living in Arkansas:

1) I love living in an agricultural community. I love knowing that the crop our state produces is a huge contribution to our country and the world. We are a huge source of rice production! I love seeing the fields change with the seasons. It truly is a beautiful sight to see rice, beans, cotton, corn and wheat everywhere!

2) I love the scenery. We have the most beautiful delta connected to the most captivating mountains. The rivers are pristine and the lakes are stunning. The seasons in Arkansas are truly the work of God. I truly believe I live in Gods country.

3) Arkansas Loves their Razorbacks!! If you’re not a Razorback fan in Arkansas you can hit the road. The fans here are die-hard!! We might have had some drama lately, but our teams hearts never give up!! I love a Razorback game, You never know whats going to happen!!! woo pig sooie!!

4) There is always a small town atmosphere. About anywhere in Arkansas you go you feel like your home. Even Little Rock, which is the capital, has a small town feel. I feel like everyone you meet has the southern charm. There is no place like the south.

5) I love the seasons. If you want to experience the wackiest weather in the country or world, come to Arkansas. You never know if you should wear a coat, sleeveless shirt, or a snow suit. I love it because we usually have a hot summer, a refreshing spring and fall, and sometimes we get snow!! I just thank God we get a bit of each season!!

These are only 5 things I love. I could go on and on!!

Arkansas is truly a wonderful state to live in!!!


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