What do you want to be when you grow up……A pilot!

I’m sure in every house hold the question of “what do you want to be when you grow up?” has risen. And a parents wish for that question is probably, a doctor, lawyer, or something that makes a ton of money.

Here in the past couple of weeks my son has answered this question multiple times. His answer is
“Momma, I want to be a pilot like my daddy.” That was not at all my choice. My response to that is,”you have two choices, a doctor or preacher.” I really think it is so sweet of him to want to be like his father, but my nerves can’t handle the fear of two of my men flying 500 miles in hour in the sky!(not really!)

I know he is only four, but this could really be his career decision! But the more I think about it, the sweeter it is to my ears. He wants to be like his daddy, no one else. His daddy is his everything. My husband is a wonderful daddy,and friend to my son. Why not?

My husband is such a wonderful pilot, daddy, and husband. He is a great example to me what a father is supposed to be. I can see why my son is so in awe of him.

I guess if my husbands career were not so dangerous I would jump for joy. But in this there is a lesson for me. Let go and let God. I know that God will lead my son to be what he is supposed to be. If he wants to be Ag pilot God will lead and protect him.

Sometimes, I question myself about what I want to be when I grow up. I can tell you, I want to be more like my daddy, my heavenly daddy.



About agwife

The purpose of this blog was a outlet for me to share about being of a agpilot's wife. On August 18th, 2015 my husband was killed while cropdusting. I am now using this as a journal for my family's journey through life. I am still a stay at home mom. I attend college part-time to obtain a Social work degree. Thank you all for reading and taking the time to comment. Love yall

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