If  your like me I dislike thinking of what to cook for supper. I also dislike thinking of what to cook at 8:00 at night.  In the summer my husband usually gets home late, so thinking of simple and quick recipes are hard!

I live in the best neighborhood ever! It is filled with the best ladies and wives you will ever find. So when we have play time with the kids in the backyard we discuss dinner ideas. We share quick, cheap, and healthy recipes that anyone can cook! So I wanted to share a few that has been passed down from neighbor to neighbor!


1 pound of hamburger meat                 1 onion (optional)

2 to 3 squash                                               2 to 3 jalapenos (with or without the seeds)

1 can of  Rotel (with juice)                       1 large can of tomato sauce

Brown your hamburger meat in a large skillet. While your meat is browning cut up squash, (however big you prefer) onion and jalapenos. After your meat is brown, toss in the rest of the ingredients, including the Rotel and tomato sauce. Stir all ingredients together. Cover your skillet and simmer. Let squash get a little soft.

After it is ready put your squash and beef on flour tortillas with some shredded cheese and pig out!!!


1 roll of Pillsbury pizza crust

1 can of tomato sauce or pizza sauce

1 package of pepperoni

1 8oz. package of shredded pizza blend cheese

Follow oven directions on pizza crust can. Roll out you pizza crust on a cookie sheet. Spread your pizza sauce over your uncooked pizza crust and then spread cheese. Place pepperonis, as many as desired. (you can use other meats and veggies as well on your pizza) Place in the oven and follow time on the back of pizza crust can.  Viola!!!!

I have never been a broccoli or asparagus lover until I tried this recipe!! I love it and we eat it a lot!!


1 head of broccoli or  bundle of asparagus


Lemon juice


Place broccoli or asparagus in a bowel. Cover the broccoli or asparagus with water. Cover with lid and steam in the microwave for 15 min. Take out and drain. Sprinkle with lemon juice and salt. (as much as desired)This is a wonderful side dish!!!!

Well, I hope you enjoy these recipes!!! I would love for y’all to pass some easy and quick recipes along to me!! Please comment and share!!!


About agwife

The purpose of this blog was a outlet for me to share about being of a agpilot's wife. On August 18th, 2015 my husband was killed while cropdusting. I am now using this as a journal for my family's journey through life. I am still a stay at home mom. I attend college part-time to obtain a Social work degree. Thank you all for reading and taking the time to comment. Love yall


  1. I agree, you live in one of the best neighborhoods ever. These sound yummy. I’m stopping for supper soon, lol!

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