5 Things I bet you didnt know about me



This blog has been a great tool for me to express my thoughts and opinions. I have had so many new readers and lot of friends that read my blog. So I wanted to share a little about myself so people could get to know me better and understand a little more about why I blog.


1. I am very tender-hearted. I cry at the drop of a hat. I say I get this trait from my daddy, because he has such a big heart. As you can probably tell from my post I wear my heart on my sleeves.  As I have written most of my blog post I have shed tears and poured out my heart.

2. I’m unorganized. If you should every talk to my husband he would tell you I lack organization. Things could be completely upside down at my house and I’m just fine. I know where things are and that’s just fine with me. My hubby is the total opposite. I think it balances the relationship.

3. I’m addicted to reality t.v. I love to watch anything with real people. I think sometimes its nice to see others with problems.  I know that is horrible, but its a flaw I have!!!

4. I love to eat! As you can tell if you have seen my body I love to eat anything. I’m addicted to sugar and would pick it over anything.  I have a weakness for cupcakes and ice cream.  I can’t resist anything with a whipped topping!!!

5. I love my family! I grew up with two brothers and about 10 cousins. I have an amazing husband and two beautiful children and if I had it my way I would have one more!!! I love the way I feel when I my whole family is together. There is just something about it!!

I hope y’all have learned something about me. I know its helps to know a little about the author. I love this blog so much and I thank you all for reading!!!



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