“Small Town USA”


I love where I live. I feel safe where I live. I feel like I live on a another planet and no one can hurt me. I feel like my town is safe and secure. DO I have the same feelings tonight….not so much.

Wynne is a small agriculture town. Somewhere you will see a combine going down our main highway. It is a town where friday night football is everything and Sonic is the place to be. (at least for the teenagers) My town has a Wal-Mart, a family owned grocery store and a Exxon. It has its fair share of mexican restaurants and pizza joints. It is your cute little farm town in the south. It is “SMALL TOWN USA.”

Tonight, our little town sort of had bolt of unfamiliarness. A glimpse of big city life. Something that we just don’t expect here. I am very sad and scared this is happening in our little town and Im sick for our future.

Tonight, in my little town there was a shooting. Not just with one person, but five. When I heard this it made me sick. I thought first about my kids and then about their future here. Sure this happens all the time, but not here. Not where I live and where I am raising my kids. Not where I ride my bike and walk freely. I know this might sound nuts, but this makes me nervous.

Stuff like this just doesn’t happen here and it shouldn’t. I love this town. I love that I can sleep at night and not worry about anything. I love I can let my kids play outside and not worry. I love I can go to Wal-Mart and not worry. I WILL WORRY NOW.

So this all makes me want to ask everyone from “small town USA.” What do you think? How does all this make you feel?

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