November 16, 17,18, 19 Im thankful for…………………..

Well, I have missed four days of thankfulness, but I am so thankful for the twist and turns in my life.

I know everyone has twist and turns in their lives. We all have had mountains, cliffs, sharp curves and gravel roads. I know in my short 28 years I have experienced all of these roads. I also have experienced a life full of smooth highways.

I think when we experience good-times, hard-times, rough roads and smooth highways, we grow. We become more aware of whats important. All of the tough- times and good-times make us who we are. Without hardships we are not as thankful for a healthy child, a wonderful husband or a loving mother.

I got to experience something really special at my brother in-laws church Sunday. We all wrote down what we are thankful for and put it in a large cornucopia.  We got to give our offering to the Lord at the altar. This made me reflect on things that are truly important and sacred in my life. I handed my thankfulness to the Lord with a willing heart and mind. As I thought hard about what to put in my envelope, memories came flooding back. I was so thankful for my past, present and future.

The Lord puts us  all through hardships and good-times for his glory and to build our thankfulness!!

Im so thankful for the many paths I take to make me thankful!





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