November 13th Im thankful for………

Its November 13th, 2012 and I am thankful for my friends!!

I have a lot of strong qualities in my life, but honestly relationships are not my strong one!! Why I do not know, but it just is! I cant tell you how bad I feel about some lost relationships, but Im working on my issues!!

I have had so many friends. Some older, some younger and some wiser than me. I have had some that are crazy, wild and just plain insane!! I cant imagine them not being a part of my past though!! I have had sweet, kind, giving and loving friends. Some that would give all they have to me and others. I feel like I have experienced all sorts of friendships!!

At this point in my life I have lots of friends, but just a handful I call my best!! I feel just a couple of best is the best for me!!! I cant imagine my life without my friends. Who would I complain to, share my deepest darkest secrets to or whose shoulder would I cry on or laugh until I cry.

All the friends I have made will always have a special place in my heart!! I am very thankful for all of you!!!I believe you cant survive life without friends!! It would be such a boring and lonely life!!!

Im so thankful for friends!!!


About agwife

The purpose of this blog was a outlet for me to share about being of a agpilot's wife. On August 18th, 2015 my husband was killed while cropdusting. I am now using this as a journal for my family's journey through life. I am still a stay at home mom. I attend college part-time to obtain a Social work degree. Thank you all for reading and taking the time to comment. Love yall

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