Jesus is my pilot. Wanted to share again!

I wanted to share this post again. I wrote this last summer and as I read it today It Imagewas a great reminder of who is in control!!    

     So many people ask me how I cope with my husband’s career, the flying low, the speed and all the statistics. I really hesitate and think before I answer. I want to say I worry day in and day out, I dread when summer rolls around and I cringe when I hear any sort of siren.  But the answer to those questions are ultimately,  I trust God.

     God keeps me sane. I pray to Jesus a lot to protect my husband and his friends. My faith is all I have to get me through the summer and all of my days.  I also know that God gave my husband this talent and he loves what he does.  If I didn’t have these truths I wouldn’t have my sanity at all.

     God leads me through a lot more than just my husbands career. Being a mother is so hard these days. What to feed them that is healthy, what our kids should watch on t.v. and knowing they know Jesus. I could go on and on. But I again trust that God will make me and mold me into the mother he wants me to be, Guiding me through motherhood.  Being a wife is not so easy either. I love my husband so much. I want so bad to be the Proverbs 31 wife and mother. I strive so hard to respect and love my husband as God has commanded. There are so many pressures in our society that say we have to look and be the perfect wife.  Looks fade away and no one is perfect, other than Jesus Christ. I depend a lot on my faith and God to lead me and my marriage.  God truly is my pilot.  Leading me through times of happiness and worry. He will always take me through the storms and the rainbows of life.  One of my favorite verses that I literally say daily in my head is

Philippians  4:13

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


Thanks for reading!!!

I love to write!! This blog is not all about my husbands job. Its about life lessons and whats on my heart!! I hope through this blog I can meet and influence other women!!

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