Yesterday I vowed to myself that I would start and stick with my morning bible devotional. I told Tim I wanted to get up early and get my day started with God’s word. Well I didn’t exactly get up early, but I did get it done after dropping Sawyer off at school and getting one of the princesses (Fran) settled. As I flipped through my bible I stopped where a little envelope was. It was a piece of artwork from one of the kids with a cross drawn on it and the name Chad written so neatly. I am sure it was Sawyer, because Fran is not as neat with her writing. As I studied this envelope I noticed where it was placed. It was tucked into the book of  Luke. Aww, Luke, one of my favorite books and one that will really make you think.  The envelope was placed in Luke chapter 6, and there they were the Beatitudes.

When thinking of the Beatitudes the word I always thought of was beautiful. The beautiful words that Jesus gives us to think heavy on and meditate on. As I looked up the definition of Beatitude it surprised me what it really meant. The word Beatitude means “blessedness.” Wow, I didn’t even know that was a word until Webster’s dictionary told me it was. So while reading the Beatitudes I noticed one that really stuck out to me and hit home like never before. Jesus says “blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh.” So Jesus tells us blessed are those who weep, because you will surely laugh AGAIN!

I believe this to have two meanings. I believe Jesus is telling us that the weeping will indeed laugh again on earth and in eternity. I believe that this promise is directed to believers and is a promise that He will make sure we do. Later in the Beatitudes Jesus tells the people “woe to you who laugh now, for you shall mourn and weep.” Wow, this was a scary verse for me. This made me think of all of those that have not truly wept and do not know Jesus. Those who have not felt the sting of death or great disappointment. I believe that this verse is stating that those who have not wept and do not know Jesus, will not have laughter when storms hit and even in eternity.

As I read “blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh,” I laughed. I laughed because I find that Jesus has a sense of humor in his teachings. How can we laugh again when we are so broken and weeping? Well as he taught the people the answer was right under their noses and right under all of ours. We can laugh because the man that promised laughter LIVES. Not like in just our minds and hearts, but really LIVES in heaven. He feels our hurt. He sees our tears. He cries with us. We are “blessed” because he lives. We can laugh because he knows whats gonna happen next!!

I can say without Jesus I would be that one Jesus was talking to when he states “woe” and not “blessed.” I would be weeping and not laughing. I would be on the floor, on my face, not enjoying the “blessings” he has placed upon me. I thank him for his “blessedness” everyday.

How significant is it that that tiny little envelope with Chad’s name on it was placed right where it was? Because HE wanted me to see that it is just fine to laugh now. He wants us weeper’s to! He wants those who love him to feel the peace of heaven. I believe that laughter is sent straight from heaven. It feels good to laugh. I live with a comedian and I know he was sent from heaven to me! (love ya babe)

So Who will you be? The one that Jesus says “blessed” or “woe”? Only you have that choice. You can choose to laugh in times of trouble with Jesus or you can choose weeping without him. What will it be!

Love yall,







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