Until then…

Have you ever said “why me?” Why do I have to go through this? Why do my kids have to suffer like this? Why did you pick me Lord to go through this trial?

Or do you say Lord why them? Why does a good person or family have to suffer? Why cant they have a daddy, momma, healing, or just peace?

I have wondered through all of these questions. They are like a deep forest you get lost in. There is no answer and no way out. We want answers, yet there are none.

Our little community in Arkansas has suffered some major loss. It always seems to be in the most tragic way. We as a community could make a list and fill up a sheet of college rule paper and add more on the back and then add more sheets. Recently I feel as if tragedy and heart ache has happened almost everyday in our little county and even country. The term death has been used so much it is becoming something expected in our everyday lives. NOT like my 100 year grandma died, but a little girl that is 5. A young man that was 34. A little boy that was 5. See the trend. Young, tragic, and heartbreaking.

Why do you think God allows us to journey through storms like this? Also, why does he pick the ones you do not every expect bad things to happen to?

Even if you are not hit with death or sickness directly, God is intentionally trying to catch your attention. Even if the bomb doesnt land in your lap. it seems to land like a foot from you.

So my question is Why?? Why me? Why them? Why God?

The answer that God has laid very gently on my heart is this, “for my Glory alone, for your salvation and other’s, and to make you smoother and stronger than ever before.”

In thinking of trial coming our way, we think we would curl up and die. That is what I thought and that is what most people that has experienced loss or tragedy would say. But that is not merely the truth. God gives us this super man strength. Like a out of body experience. we push through it. We stride the waters. We endure. we survive.

Now I want to make this very clear, that without Jesus I believe that I could not have endured. I would have been that little Caterpillar you see curled up. Waiting for my cocoon to hide for at least FOREVER. BUT no I and a lot of others have pressed our faces so hard to Jesus’s feet you can see strap marks from his sandals. We have literally bowed before our Jesus begging for mercy and begging for super man strength. Get us through this. Do not let this go in vain. Let us have peace. Use this trial please!

With my experience I have not only seen God use my loss for other’s salvation, but also to strengthen me, help others, and make sure that with every promise met by Jesus he gets the glory and honor. For every valley there is a mountain and for every mountain there WILL be a trial. MARK my words. IN the valley we glorify God with our endurance and with every mountain we glorify God with our praises. Both can be used on top of the mountain and even in the valley.

I have said this to many, the sweetest time in my walk with Jesus has been when I was at my weakest. When all I had was his feet to pray on and his promises. When that is all you have it seems like nothing, but looking back it was all I needed and need.

So to all those going, coming, and falling into tragedy hold on. Press your face to his sandals. Press on. Endure. Remember this is for HIS glory. This is your testimony. This is a exercise for you to become stronger and more fit. This will not be the end of your testimony, this is only the beginning. ┬áThe end of our testimony will be praising out Lord face to face and walking in peace forever. Until then we will endure…

Love yall




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