We Call Out To Dry Bones…

As I was sitting getting a pedicure today for the repair of my vicious heals, CNN was on. My heart was burdened to share what God has laid on my heart.

I watched the news and in awe I am amazed at all the changes that are being made in the government. The hot topic right now is immigration and established borders for the U.S. This will be in place to protect the American people from further terrorist attacks on our soil.This topic has made me very burdened to share the words of God.

My heart was lead to two stories in the bible. The first story is when God appointed Joshua to take the place of Moses. Joshua was told by God to take over the land that was promised to the people. God gave Joshua specific instructions of how to go about obtaining this land. The men were to go and the children, wives, livestock had a spot to dwell until the land was conquered. The men were nervous, but knew that the God of Joshua was the God of Moses. The promises of God were clearly seen and the men trusted Joshua and his leadership. When approaching the mission of conquering the land, God’s people said this:

They told Joshua, “We will do everything you say. We will go wherever you send us. Just as we obeyed Moses, so we will obey you. But may the Lord your God be with you as he was with Moses!  Any man who rebels against what you say and does not obey all your commands will be executed. But be strong and brave!” Joshua 1:16-18

Do we not think that God holds the world?? That he controls everything? Even the election and the man anointed to be president? Do you Christian think that all of this CHANGE is  in our favor or just by chance or luck? Well friends I believe that God is using Trump as he did Moses and Joshua. He is preparing his people to invade the land that has been God’s all along. A land that was intended to give glory to the Lord and not shame and sin. We are the people and the men that need to be prepared to fight and honor our leader. This land does not belong to any person, no democrat, republican, no one with wealth or power. It is God’s and frankly I believe that he is sick of being used and abused. He has given us all a union with him, a free union. He has blessed the American people and not all, but most do not even recognize that he is the creator of the world and the borders that come along with that. So do I believe that Trump is a saint? No. But I do believe that God can and will use whoever he wishes. He will use anyone. We can see that very clearly in the bible. Many men and women were used for God’s glory. There were liars, prostitutes, murderers, and   hypocrites to accomplish his works. We should never question what God can do or who he will use. He is KING of all and can use whatever he wants.

So the second story that God put in my heart to share is the amazing story of bones in a valley,  DEAD bones that where simply prophesied on and  breathed upon by God and used to fight in an army. This miraculous event was to show his glory and for the proof that he is the life giver and restorer of everything. This story is found in Ezekiel 37:1-14 – The Valley of Dry Bones. If you have time read it. He restored his people of Israel. The dead found themselves alive and new again, thinking all hope was lost and just like that they were alive again. Working for the king!

Christians this is our chance to be lifted from our spiritual death and rise to make Christian life and this glorious way of life made known. God is not making the government better or different for himself only. He is restoring HOPE in us as Christians to get off our bottoms (as I would say to my kids)  and become a army for him. This may be our last chance to win the battle for the Kingdom. Do you want to be Alive again in Christ? Serving him with all of your heart and mind? Look at this new presidential election as a chance for God to prevail and his people to be brought out a of a dead land and into HIS promised land. HE is ready! Are you dry bones???untitled


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