I Will Win the Good Fight

“Tears did fall like a furious hurricane. Buckets of tears were filled to the brim, but I felt the sweet peace of the great I AM. From that peace has come trust and love. Nothing can give peace like the ONE above. So I lift my hands to the almighty KING, for I am so grateful to be a daughter of HIS offspring. A princess in his loving eyes and a daughter to our Heavenly Father. 
I will never let Satan conquer my soul, because my Father has already made me whole. I will never have to cry a tear where my Father lives. Because in HIS presence all is well. 

So I will not stop telling my tale of loss, because the One that held me hung on a cross. To give me joy and laughter too. So never-ever shall I doubt the goodness in YOU. 

Lord take my heart and make it yours, because all I want is to walk through My Father’s doors! Grab YOUR hand and hold on tight, because I have won the courageous fight!”

When I can not sleep or when I feel burdened by things of everyday life I literally lock myself in my closet and spend quality time with the Lord. It may sound crazy, but I feel God’s presence there. I have prayed many many prayers in there. Not just cries for help, but also cries of praise for His goodness in my life. 
Last night I was pondering the big event of VBS and the great opportunity of getting to be apart of sharing how mighty God is. I just can’t tell others enough of how He has brought new life for my family, mentally, spiritually, and physically. 

So I wanted to put my heart on paper as a poem. A “thank you note” to the Lord. This poem was not written out of sadness, but from a grateful and humble heart! I wanted to share, because I will not cease in sharing how Good God is!

Love y’all 


Thanks for reading!!!

I love to write!! This blog is not all about my husbands job. Its about life lessons and whats on my heart!! I hope through this blog I can meet and influence other women!!

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