He Takes Away and He Gives.

For a long time I could not grasp the idea that my kids would not have their biological dad. My mind could not wrap around the idea of new milestones and future birthdays without Chad. I didn’t think my heart could bare the absence of the other half of my flesh.

The Lord took away the kids father. He didn’t do it to punish me or the kids. He did it because he knew something we didn’t. A master art piece waiting to be revealed and glorified. A diamond waiting  to be discovered. A story with a perfect ending. Yes, a perfect ending. While God took Chad, he was also planning our perfect ending to a perfect story.

God has shown me that he sprinkles little gifts along our journey. He doesn’t give them all at once; I feel we wouldn’t appreciate them if he did. While I dreaded the thought of life as the lonely cat woman, God showered me with a great man. While I dreaded spending holidays and birthdays alone, God knew I needed a good friend to make me laugh and sit beside me (Tim). When I thought I could never send Fran to Kindergarten or watch Sawyer play football, God handed me a helper (Tim) to lend a hand in helping me get kids to school and practice.

God handed me a box and said “here, I am giving you a gift and you will see it’s a never ending gift. I may have taken Away, but I give with abundance!”

Not only have I been handed the gift of a loving and Godly man, I have also been given the gift of happy kids! God has placed his hands on our children. Sawyer is exceeding in school and has shown talent in football (the next Dak Prescott). Fran is beautiful,smart, sweet, and loves her bigdaddy.

God has shown me that His blessings are true and never ending. He may take away, but Be will give to His children 100 fold.

It reminds me of the story of Job. Job was upset and didn’t understand his loss. He questioned God’s will and God informed Job that if he could create and keep the earth and his people afloat, what can He not do. (That’s in my own words). Job asked God to forgive him and God sprinkled gifts on Job! Gifts more abundant than ever before!

God will take, but He will also give. We may not see his gifts all at once, but they will surface a little at a time.

And our story will be revealed one day. The part we thought was taken will be placed back where it belongs. The story we thought was battered, will be gloried and perfect. Jesus will be hugged a million times for his abundant gifts. I can’t wait!

The Lord is near to all who call on Him, to all who call on Him in truth. He fulfills the desires of those who fear Him; He hears their  cry and saves them. Psalm 145:18-19



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