I Am Forgiven. Therefore I WILL Forgive

treeChristmas is almost here. We have 8 days until the day we all gather for Jesus’s birthday. We will eat, laugh, play games, open presents, and visit with a lot of family if you have a big family like mine. Some family members you dread to see, and some you just can wait to see because life is so busy you only see them on social media. I have noticed that A LOT of people have more people they would rather NOT see and hide in the corner from, than those they just can’t wait to see. Yes, we all have those that get under our thin skin and work our nerves to no end. Why is that?? They are family, our blood and DNA. Why is it so easy to be so hateful and cold to family members, and yet so nice to those that are not even a part of your DNA or share the same last name?

The Christmas season is intended to be about joy, love, goodwill toward ALL men, but it usually becomes the 25th episode of Maury. I have no idea what elevates the “dislike” chemical in our minds around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it explodes in the brain the closer it gets to the holidays. When really it is intended to celebrate the PRINCE of PEACE and HIS unfailing love.

I believe it is because we judge others for their faults. Is it because we only see these individuals once a year and only hear what aunt Cindy says or Grandma Smith says before we even ask them whats going on? Do you listen and believe the things others say before you read a book or watch a intense movie? Do we give criticism to a book before we actually read it and see the action for ourselves. I think so. We love our family so much we expect their lives to be perfect, without a speck of dirt or flaws. Why? Because we can’t look at our own dirt first and worry about our stains. No way, that is way to scary.  Why can’t we examine us and then worry about those that need sincere worrying. And when I say worry, I am saying actually worry; care and show sincere sympathy.

I have waded through some high waters these past 2 1/2 years. I have been in the depths of depression and stooped low. I have wanted to do anything and everything to take away a pain I felt would never go away. I have been on a high mountain, screaming to the top of my lungs of how happy I am. And I have been in the middle, just merely existing in life. And as I have traveled through all three of these paths of emotion, I have been accused of being too happy, too sad, and too fake. I have been accused of not actually loving Jesus like I proclaim to. I have been judged for my style of dealing with life and the dreadful events that have hit me like a head-on collision. And everyone has their own opinion and are rightfully due to have them. But did those with strong opinions travel down those paths with me or ask with sincere worry about how I was or am, nope. Why? I believe its because fear stands in the way of asking, therefore judging is easier and less hands-on.

As I ponder on all the one’s that cannot understand the ups and downs of grief and life, I have to ponder on how Jesus sees me and also sees those with judgement. Does he see those as enemies of His, since I am HIS daughter, or does HE see them as sons and daughters that need HIS love and mercy. Well, I believe HE sees those as forgiven. I believe HE sees them as a son or daughter that have made mistakes and have wondered from HIS side. I am not saying I have not been that son or daughter. I am not saying I am not there now. I am saying this is most likely how GOD observes the one that hurts HIS child.

So what does that mean for us who have those that we dread or that dread us during the holidays. We forgive them. We ask the LORD to forgive us first for anything that we may have missed and then we forgive them. We make sure that our forgiveness is pure and sincere. We make sure that we understand the mercy and grace that touches our lives EVERYDAY. We ask God to lend his love and mercy, and we LOVE. I believe that is how we face the holidays head-on. FORGIVE and LOVE. 

Because ultimately Christmas is not about us is it. It is about Jesus and his mercy and grace for us. His love and compassion. His FORGIVENESS for those that judged, persecuted, laughed, mocked, assumed, gossiped, slandered, and denied HIS integrity and name. And yet he hung, bleed, and died for us and them.

If Jesus can come down to a sinful world to forgive and die for strangers, why can’t  we forgive and die of ourselves for our family.

Merry Christmas and God Bless YALL,




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